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Case Hardening & Carburising Salts

Meproche S-22 : Working range 800° C to 950° C. Contains minimum 20% Sodium cyanide suitable for MS, En 1, En 1A, En33, 39, 206. 207, 351, 363 etc. Used for carburising and case hardening of low carbon steels. This salt is also preferred for selective carburising of the steel by copper plating with low percantage of (8 TO 10%) cyanide hence it can be used for carburising alloy case hardening steels prior to martempering in MT 150 to MT 220.

Meproche S-55 : Working range 760° C to 950° C. Operated at minimum 50% sodium cyanide. This salt is used for carburising of mild steel and alloy case hardening steel for higher case depths upto 2.5 mm and also for further hardening. For higher temperature upto 990° C used for economiser. Used for replenishment of the s-22 bath to make of uneven consumption of cyanide vis-a-vis-activator. The carburising rate in both the above baths is rapid and without any increase in brittleness.

Meproche SH : Surface hardening powder user for localised hardening for various jobs. specially suitable for big jobs which can not be treated in salt bath.

Meproche S - 110 : Working range 750° C to 950° C. It is a carburising salt with special activator to allow the absorption of carbon very rapidly. It cuts down the soaking time to just half that of conventional salt. This doubles the production and cuts down the labour and energy costs to half.

Meproche Black 15 : For black oxide coating working temperature 145° C. Produces uniform black oxide coat for decorative purpose and for rust preventives.

Meproche as 225 Bluing Salt : Operating Temperature 160° C to 170° C. Gives blue coating Used for tool shanks, criclips, springs, bandsaw, blades etc.

Meproche 5151 Nitriding Fluid : Liquid for drip fed nitriding furnaces. Operating temperatures 570° C. Avoids white rust Gives a hard nitride case of shallow depth distortion free.

Meproche C 513 Gas Carburising Fluid : For drip fed carburising furnaces Operating temperatures 950° C. Gives deep case, cleaner operation, cheaper operating cost, no soot formation.

Meproche Carburising Fluid MA : For oxygen prode type of furnaces to be used with mehanol as secon solvent cheaper than Acetone ethyl acetate etc. and yet gives same results provides better control.