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Meproche Specialty Products -
Slightly acidic liquid - apply on the rusty surface and leave for 2 to 5 minutes- wipe out the rust.
Two pack type rust convertor Mix two components (A) and (B) in a ratio of four to one and apply one the rusted surface. Keep for four to five hours. Remove loose scales by wire brush. If needed the operation is to be repeated for highly pitted surfaces. It will convert the rust into protective film.

MEPROCHE 21 (RUST-COVERTOR) is based on polyhydroxy organic compounds. It’s mainly desingned to remove old rusty pitted steel surfaces and converts the most adherent surface into a protective coating. It also remove surface rust from newly manufactured steel sections. It is supplied in two pack system.

Method of use:-

Mix 50 gms of part A to 1 kg. Of part B, Apply on the rusted surface and leave it for 4 to 6 Hrs. Remove rust by wire brush. Repeat the process if necessary. It will convert the balance rust into a passive state to stop further rusting. It gives a temporary rust-prevention which can subsequently painted or lined. If applied on newly manufactured steel having a very thin rusty surface then there is no need to have wire brush operations.

MEPROCHE 21 RUST-CONVERTOR is mildly acidic in nature and rubber or polythene should be used while handling it.

Note :-

The informations given in this bulletin is based on our experience and tests conducted, where applicable, on typical specimen. However the actual working conditions are beyong our control and knowledge, hence we cannot accept any liability for loss, demage, injury or mishap, resulting from reliance on the informations.


MEPROCHE GS is a formulated compound for electroplating and deplating of gold and its alloys (Alloys of gold containing nickel, copper, zinc, etc.)
The electrostripping / electropolishing is done by removing a very thin layer of metal/alloy. For this purpose you require a machine to supply 10 to 30 Volts DC.

METHOD OF USE :- Dissolve 10 % of Meproche GS Salt in tap water and put it in the bucket of the machine or in a breaker as the case may be. The copper/ S.S. hooks of (+) anode should be attached to the items to be stripped, and cathode (-) can be stainless steel or titanium. The bath so prepared should be heated upto 50 to 600 C. and should be kept at that temperature. Now pass the DC current of 10/15 seconds of a voltage of 20/25V. Remove the articles from anode, rinse and dry – the polishing is complete. A small amount of agitation is preferred. To sum up the working conditions are give below :-
T=50/60 degree C, t=10 to 15 sec, V=20/25 Volts.

REPLENISHMENT :- When the stripped surface is dull, add 2 to 3% salt.

RECLAIMING:- The gold/alloy so dissolved can be reclaimed by electroplating or can be sold to gold electroplates.

EFFLUENT – TREATMENT :- The salt contains cyanide hence it should be neutralized before discharging.

CAUTION:- The product contains cyanides hence all precautions for handling cyanides should be taken as per safety sheet for this items, separately provided.

(D) Meproche AAR 410 Alkali resisting synthetic cement
(E) Meprolene acid resisting synthetic cement
(F) Meproche HRC High heat resisting cement
Details of above mention products can be given on request