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Meproche MN 660 : Working range 660° C to 890° C used as preheating salt for high speed tool steels, selective carbon steels and hot working steel prior to hardening with MEPROCHE 970.

Meproche MN 660 SPL : Working range 660° C to 930° C. Does not allow the formation of oxide film on the jobs. It is compatible with cynide and allows easier absorption of carbon.

Meproche MH 830 : Working range 830° C to 1100° C. Used for hardening of corrosion resisting steels, 2% carbon, 12% chromium tool steels and steels used for cutlery. Sometimes used as alternative to Meproche 970 or 1100 for hot working steels. Use of regenerator is recommended.

Meproche MH 970 : Working range 970° C to 1350° C. Used for heating the high speed and hot working steels to obtain the desired hardening temperature in the above working range. This salt avoids scaling as well as decarburisation of the steels. However certain types of above steels tend to decarburise during hardening in MH 970, resulting in a low surface hardness. Whenever this problem encountered, MH 971 should be used to prevent any decarburisation.

Meproche MH 971 : Working range 970° C to 1350° C. Used for hardening high speed steel and hot working steels with minimum amount of decarburisation.

Meproche MH 1100 : Working range 950° C to 1350° C. The most superior quality salt with high purity and practically no moisture content. Used with regenerator to clean the high salt bath. The regenerator contains deoxidising agent which reacts and converts the oxide impurities into slag thereby preventing decarburisation. Meproche 11000 is used for the heat treatment of - high speed steels.
Hot working steels used for dies, punches, mandrels, moulds etc. and high carbon high chromium type steels. It does not allow decarburisation.

Meproche Activator : Working range 640° C to 950° C. It is used to activate, cyanide for easy absorption of carbon in the steel substrate for case carburising and case hardening. Replenishment of cyanide is required to maintain its percentage at 18% to 22 %.

Meproche Regenerator : Meproche regenerator is introduced to keep the salt bath clean.

Meproche Economiser : It is used to prevent heat loss due to radiation and thereby maintain the bath temperature and reduce energy consumption and power cost.             

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