* Quenching, Marqueching &
   Tempering Salts & Oils
  * Case Hardening &
   Carburising Salts
Meprophos Phosphating Chemicals
Meproche Rust Preventives
Meproche Machining Fluids
Meproche Specialty Products 
Meproche Electroplating Salts
Meproche Paint Removers
Nitriding Salts and Fluids
  * Pyridine
  * Tetra Hydro furan (Upto    20 ppm maxm. moisture)
  * Acetonitrile
  * Di methyl Formamide
Speciality Chemicals
Quality is the nerve system of our organization on which our success depends. The company undertakes stringent quality control measures ensuring supreme quality dyes .We have an enviable track record of order delivery with zero defects.

It has been our practice since inception to ensure that each batch of production goes through strict quality checking and we aim at providing to our valued customers quality products and consistency thereof. We make sure that the right product reaches the right customer - no compromise on quality. This has been possible with the help of most sophisticated testing instruments and other equipments installed in our Laboratory. Experienced Chemists with hands on experienced in Dyestuff industry take care of the quality parameters, thereby helping the organization gain the loyalty of the large number of customers. We retain sample undergoes testing against the approved samples, under strict supervision of our qualified chemists. This is one reason why all our overseas buyers consider us as long-term partners and look up to as reliable source for quality Dyestuffs.

The raw materials used are tested at every stage, prior to use and during various steps of reaction. A well trained, technically qualified team is handling the process parameters, producing the good quality products qualifying the national and international standards.

Today the quality plays a vital role in the business. Textile being and export orient business it becomes more prominent that the products manufactured by us can be used continuously and regularly without facing any operational problems giving the required shade and quality parameters.

Our expert Research & Development team is continuously engaged to keep pace with latest developments in the Chemistry of Reactive Dyes and to synthesize and modify the properties as per the customers need.

Customer satisfaction and service is our final target, whether it is in our country or any other part of the world. We treat our Customer as an equal partner in the business, we respect them and act as per their requirement need.