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Meproche Rust Preventives


(a) Meproche B : Solvent based - quick drying - gives waxy film - film thickness 7 to 12 microns - covers 70 to 78 Sq. m. per litre. Easily wipeable.

(b) Meproche 267 : Strong water displacement - fingerprint neutaliser used for indoor application - Coverage 97 to 105 Sq. m. per litre - Gives 7 to 12 micron film thickness - Dries in 1.5 min.

Meproche Rust Preventives - (B) OIL TYPES 
(a) Meproche Light : Thin oily consistency - Used for indoor application - Gives film thickness of 25 to 40 microns - Covers 85 to 95 Sq. m. per litre - Non drying.

(b) Meproche Medium : Medium viscosity - higher film thickness of 50 to 75 microns , Non drying type - Covers 58 to 64 sq.m/litre.

(c) Meproche Extra Heavy : Soft paste - for antifriction bearings etc. - Covers 3 to 6 Sq. m. per kg. Gives a film thickness of 0.6 to 1 mm - Non drying type.

(d) Meproche TX : Thixotropified oil type - Initial greasy consistency - Becomes very thin by  heat or agitation - Again sets on withdrawing heat or agitation - High film thickness 80 / 100 microns - Non drying . 

Meproche 155 is a sepcially formulated water-soluble and water thinnable synthetic rust preventive. The fluid is developed to be used for protection of iron & steels from rusting within a shop and for finished packing. In case of oil type rust preventives there is dripping of oil from the components in long runs and the top surface/edges get exposed which results in rusting. Where as in case of Meproche 155, it dries after a few minutes of application and makes the surfaces passive. There is no dripping of mateial, hence no exposure of surfaces for rusting.

Meproche 155 is having good bactericidal properties, is having very good wetting properties to completely cover the metal components, even in the services.

The fluid does not have a bad odour and is stable for long duration of time. It is having good algaecide and bactericide properties. It is a very stable product and has got one year shelf life. It is recommended that the fresh solution be prepared containing 10% Meproche 155 and 90% water (In rainy season the recommended concentration is 20%) and replenishment should be done by checking the pH which should be 9 min. The fluid is not soluble in mineral oil and should not be mixed with the same.

A 10% solution of Meproche 155 is used as temprorary rust preventative for protecting the components. It passes the C.I.chips test as per DIN or ISS 1115, even at 2% concentration. However while using for cast iron components 50% solution with water should be used.

Meproche 155 is biodergradable product and doesn’t contain any heavy metals, which cause disposal problems.

The coverage of Meproche 155 is almost four times than the same quantity of oil based rust-preventive.