* Quenching, Marqueching &
   Tempering Salts & Oils
  * Case Hardening &
   Carburising Salts
Meprophos Phosphating Chemicals
Meproche Rust Preventives
Meproche Machining Fluids
Meproche Specialty Products 
Meproche Electroplating Salts
Meproche Paint Removers
Nitriding Salts and Fluids
  * Pyridine
  * Tetra Hydro furan (Upto    20 ppm maxm. moisture)
  * Acetonitrile
  * Di methyl Formamide
Speciality Chemicals

Speciality Chemicals

A Agro Chemcials
  A ) Indole 3- Acetic Acid
  B ) Indole 3-butyric Acid
  C ) Oenanthal Bisulphite
B Cosmetic
  A ) Menthyl Lactate
  B ) Ethyl Hexyl Glycerine
C Electroplating
  A ) 2 Ethyl Hexyl Sulphate
  B ) Thioflavin T
D Reagent for Chemical Synthesis
  A ) 11 Bromo Undecanoic Acid
  B ) Iron Pair Reagent
E Dyes
A ) Hair Dyes : i.) Basic Red 76
  ii.) Basic brown 16
B ) Indicators: i.)  Basic Blue 20
  ii.) Basic Violet 3
F Pharma Intermediates
A ) Pyridine Derivatives:  
  i.) Alpha Picoline
  ii.) Beta Picoline
  iii.) 3,5 – Lutidine
  iv.)3-Bromo 4-Methyl Pyridine
B) Bromine Derivatives: i.) Para Bromo Anisol
  ii.) 3- Bromo Benzyl Amine
C ) Custom Synthesis: i.) Liquid Crystal Building Block
  1) 4 N Propoxy Benzoic Acid
  2) 4 N Butyloxy Benzoic Acid
  We can develop molecules as per customer requirement. We have specialized equipment and personnel to develop them.