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Meproche Paint Removers 

Meproche Paint stripper is a formulated product, designed to remove paint from steel and other substrates. There are many types and grades in the strippers depending on the type of paint to be removed and the position of the surface( whether it is vertical or horrizontal ).Meproche Paint Remover are manufactured as per ISS 430 & 431.

Meproche Paint Remover GP is a general purpose paint remover which can be used in various applications including synthetic enamels, epoxies, powder paints, stoving paints. However for a much efficient removal the exact specifications of the substrate and paint should be given. 


Meproche Paint Remover GP can be applied by brush or by dip method. After application the surface should be left for five to fifteen minutes. The paint thereafter can be removed by a scraper or a wiper cloth. If the paint surface does not go because of a human error of application then a second treatment should be given.