* Quenching, Marqueching &
   Tempering Salts & Oils
  * Case Hardening &
   Carburising Salts
Meprophos Phosphating Chemicals
Meproche Rust Preventives
Meproche Machining Fluids
Meproche Specialty Products 
Meproche Electroplating Salts
Meproche Paint Removers
Nitriding Salts and Fluids
  * Pyridine
  * Tetra Hydro furan (Upto    20 ppm maxm. moisture)
  * Acetonitrile
  * Di methyl Formamide
Speciality Chemicals

The company is working constantly on development of new products and for improvement on existing products through its R&D activities.

The new projects under research, which may be complete in 2/3 months are listed below 

Electroplating compound for gold. 
Lacquer for cathodic deposition – uv resistant sweat resistant which gives hard film. 
Liquid heat – salt for range from 300 degree C to 550 degree C. 
Synthetic rust preventive for special application – outdoor, in house uses. 

We undertake R&D projects against specific problems